Prisma OSS Documentation

Docs for the open-source libraries maintained by the Prisma community.


  • GraphQL CLI (Docs | GitHub): Universal CLI for GraphQL projects
  • GraphQL Binding (Docs | GitHub): Auto-generated SDKs for GraphQL APIs
  • GraphQL Yoga (Docs | GitHub): Simple and performant GraphQL server
  • GraphQL Config (Docs | GitHub): Configuration standard for GraphQL tools
  • GraphQL Import (Docs | GitHub): Import SDL types across files
  • GraphQL Middleware (Docs | GitHub): Middleware for GraphQL resolvers
  • GraphQL Playground (Docs | GitHub): Powerful GraphQL IDE
  • GraphQL Request (Docs | GitHub): Minimal GraphQL client in JavaScript
  • graphqlgen (Docs | GitHub): GraphQL code generation CLI



If you have questions around any of the libraries, check out the respective "Help & FAQ" sections, join the Prisma Slack or post a question in the Prisma Forum.


In case you're encountering a bug with any of the libraries, please open an issue in the respective GitHub repository.


Learn more about the awesome Prisma and GraphQL communities, including various events, newsletters, podcasts and a lot more on the Prisma Community page.


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