The GraphQL CLI is a multi-purpose command line tool for common GraphQL development workflows. A Swiss Army Knife for GraphQL development.


  • Code generation
  • Schema handling
  • Bootstrapping GraphQL boilerplates
  • Project configuration
  • ... and a lot more


Install with npm:

npm install -g graphql-cli

Install with yarn:

yarn global add graphql-cli


The graphql-cli can be used via graphql or the shorter gql command.

Command overview

Usage: graphql [command]

  graphql init                Setup .graphqlconfig file
  graphql add-endpoint        Add new endpoint to .graphqlconfig
  graphql add-project         Add new project to .graphqlconfig
  graphql get-schema          Download schema from endpoint
  graphql schema-status       Show source & timestamp of local schema
  graphql create [directory]  Bootstrap a new GraphQL project
  graphql ping                Ping GraphQL endpoint
  graphql query <file>        Run query/mutation
  graphql diff                Show a diff between two schemas
  graphql playground          Open interactive GraphQL Playground
  graphql lint                Check schema for linting errors
  graphql prepare             Bundle schemas and generate bindings

  --dotenv       Path to .env file                                      [string]
  -p, --project  Project name                                           [string]
  -h, --help     Show help                                             [boolean]
  -v, --version  Show version number                                   [boolean]

  graphql init                 Interactively setup .graphqlconfig file
  graphql get-schema -e dev    Update local schema to match "dev" endpoint
  graphql diff -e dev -t prod  Show schema diff between "dev" and "prod" endpoints

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