Example projects

There are several examples demonstrating how to quickly get started with GraphQL Yoga. For example:

  • hello-world: Basic setup for building a schema and allowing for a hello query.
  • subscriptions: Basic setup for using subscriptions with a counter that increments every 2 seconds and triggers a subscriptions.
  • fullstack: Fullstack example based on create-react-app demonstrating how to query data from graphql-yoga with Apollo Client 2.0.

GraphQL boilerplates

You can also check out the GraphQL boilerplates which are all based on the GraphQL Yoga library. GraphQL boilerplates provide flexible starter kits for your next GraphQL project (backend-only and fullstack variants which are based on various languages and frameworks).

The easiest way to get started with a GraphQL boilerplate project is by using the GraphQL CLI:

# Install the GraphQL CLI
npm install -g graphql-cli

# Choose a boilerplate from the interactive prompt ...
graphql create myapp

# ...or directly select a boilerplate project via the `--boilerplate` option (e.g. `typescript-advanced`)
graphql create myapp --boilerplate typescript-advanced

See here for more info.

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